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Executing imaginative public relations strategies with the collective talent to pull it off is why we exist. If you want a partner that can serve as a proactive and insightful extension of your marketing and communications team, you have found the right people.

The PR Collective brings a fresh model to the PR services market. Results-minded clients are matched with a team of PR Collective members, custom built to meet each client’s unique challenges and opportunities.

One Woman Show Had Room To Grow

Kelly Moore’s PR Collective is an evolution of Kelly Moore Consulting, Inc. (KMC), founded in 2004. Flagship clients experienced immediate results and said, “We want more.” To make that happen, KMC expanded, bringing more imaginative, reliable talent to the table. For more than a decade, Kelly Moore and her collective of experienced public relations professionals have exceeded the expectations of dozens of clients in multiple industries from financial services to construction.

What PR Collective Clients Are Saying

"I really value and appreciate all the fabulous work you do for us throughout the year. Your insights, creativity and marketing acumen are second to none!"

- Rebecca Herold, SIMBUS President, Data Security and Privacy Consultant

"For more than 10 years, Kelly and her team have been a trusted and valuable partner for TMG. Her tenacity, willingness to learn and passion for going above and beyond has greatly contributed to TMG become a globally recognized brand in the payments processing industry."

- Georgann Smith, Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy, TMG

“Today, I heard from a prospective client who had seen the interview your team secured. She had no idea we offered these services and commented it was a great article for her to see. She’s passed it to her CEO and wants to talk soon about how they might use us!”

- Jason Harpenau, Business Development Manager, PolicyWorks

"Just got this email from a client thanks to your team’s outstanding work: ‘We have seen your articles in the news and are interested in sitting down and discussing ways you may be able to help us.’ Thank you!"

- Karan Bhalla, Vice President, EXL Analytics (formerly IQR Consulting)

Collective Public Relations Talent

PR Collective members have:

  • Logged more than 10 years of experience in PR and related fields
  • Established an independently owned business
  • Honed a specialty in media and influencer relations, content marketing, social media engagement, writing and/or design.

About Kelly Moore

As president and founder of the PR Collective, Kelly oversees all levels of client account management from pitch to execution. Prior to starting the company, Kelly held public relations leadership positions at two Des Moines, Iowa, agencies where she executed PR strategy as part of both B2B and B2C integrated marketing plans.

An American Marketing Association super fan and former Iowa chapter president, Kelly led AMA Iowa to an International Chapter of the Year win in 2013. She is a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa marketing committee and a frequent volunteer at the school attended by her three kids.

Kelly graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism and mass communication. (She has since been dragged to the dark side and now cheers for the Iowa State Cyclones.)

There are three core values of client service to which Kelly insists all members of the PR Collective adhere:

It’s not about us. Passionate writers, imaginative strategists and influential connectors make great things happen. But they don’t need the credit. That goes to our clients. Our job is to make those who partner with us shine – in their industries, their communities, their places of work and beyond.

Everyone loves surprises. When a client hires a PR firm, a marketing agency or a brand consultant, they have expectations. It’s our promise to go beyond what’s expected to deliver the kind of work that makes our partners proud to have chosen us.

It’s okay to push. Our work often means leading people out of their comfort zones. We respect tradition, we understand limitations and we believe in playing to our clients' strengths. But when we suspect greatness is just around the corner, we will challenge our partners to pursue it.

Working with you.

We believe public relations strategies and tactics should integrate with client objectives. We do this through:









What’s On Your Mind?

Our talent and yours, working together to make your brand brighter. We can picture it. Can you?

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